Endowment Fund


The Endowment Fund, an initiative of the DSDS Management Committee, was set up in 2014 to assist individuals with disability to improve their quality of life through the purchase of assistance that they are not able to access through existing programs and services.

Some examples of the assistance provided to date include:

  • IPads and digital equipment to enable students with vision impairment to participate in multi-media studies at school
  • An adjustable desk to improve accessibility for a worker using a wheelchair;
  • A portable hoist to assist the family of a young person who was becoming too heavy for manual transfers;
  • Installation of a roof mounted wheelchair rack to enable a young person to use her car independently
  • Replacement air conditioner for person with severely restricted mobility whose general health was affected when the existing, very old air-conditioner broke down during the ‘build-up’.

Requests for assistance may be made in writing to the DSDS Management Committee and each request will be evaluated at the next scheduled committee meeting following receipt of the request.

There are limits on the amount of funding available to assist each successful applicant and preference is given to people residing within the Darwin and Greater Darwin Regions.

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