Management and Administration

Between them, our Executive Officers have a combined total of almost fifty years experience in managing the delivery of programs and services DSDS offers to disadvantaged job seekers.  They have extensive knowledge of the demographics of the local community, local industry, and the programs that support the ethos of our community based organisation.

Our excellent Administration Team provides support to all DSDS programs

  • Executive Officer
  • Finance & Administration Officer
  • Receptionist
  • Quality Assurance Officer
  • Remote Services Manager

Disability Employment Services (Project Employment)

Our Project Employment team specialises in delivering a quality Disability Employment Service in both Darwin and Nhulunbuy.  Staff have wide ranging skills that ensure that employment placements match the skills, abilities and aspirations of our clients, and the on the job training and support they provide ensures the success of these placements.

Program Coordinator – responsible for the day to day operations of the Disability Employment Service, school liaison and registration of all new job seekers.

Placement and Training Officers develop and deliver individualised support services for jobseekers as they work towards achieving their employment goals.

Placement and Training Officer – Employment Maintenance – responsible for the provision of ongoing support for workers who have been in employment for more than six months

Jobsearch Officer – assists the Placement and Training Officers to source suitable employment opportunities for job seekers with disability

Education Officer – provides support and assistance for job seekers and workers who are participating in training to enhance their employability or to further their careers.

Work Trainers – provide ongoing on the job support and training for workers with disability

Remote Services

Our Remote Services team have many years experience in delivering a range of services to Indigenous people living in remote communities, including internal employment and training programs and assistance with accessing a range of external programs and services aimed at increasing both employability and employment options in Indigenous communities.  Over the past four years we have focused on assisting local community based Indigenous organisations to develop their capacity to deliver quality employment services in their communities.  Remote staff have qualifications in Training and Assessment (Certificate IV TAE) and Mentoring Indigenous Employees.

Remote Services Coordinator – responsible for delivering services with a focus on employment and training to remote communities.

Remote Services Manager – responsible to develop and maintain networks and working relationships with Indigenous communities and organisations and provide advise on the range of assistance that DSDS is able to provide with a view to developing new business in the East Arnhem region. The Remote Services Manager oversees the entire Remote Services portofolio, liaising closely with Senior Departmental officials wishing to engage DSDS in supporting, mentoring and assiting Indigenous communities to establish their own services and programs.

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