‘Get Ready to Work’

This is an internal employment preparation program for job seekers who either have little or no previous employment experience, or who need to change the type of work they do because of a disability, injury or illness.  The program includes

  • Choosing the right job for you
  • Creating or updating your resume
  • Finding a job
  • Starting work and keeping your job
  • Work health and safety

Job Clubs

Job Clubs are conducted regularly, under the guidance of a Placement and Training Officer, for small groups of work ready jobseekers who provide mutual support and assistance to each other as they seek employment using various media including newspapers, the internet and telephone canvassing.

The Job Club Room is available for use by all program participants during business hours and provides access to a range of resources to assist them in their job search activities, including daily newspapers, computers, the internet, telephones, printers and a fax machine.  A staff member is available at all times to provide assistance if required.

Education Officer

Our Education Officer supports job seekers and workers, including apprentices and trainees, participating in vocational education programs to gain or upgrade employability skills and qualifications.  Support provided to students includes:

  • Assistance to select the most appropriate course of study
  • Assistance with course enrolment
  • Liaison with course coordinators and lecturers
  • Liaison with the RTOs Access and Equity staff to ensure that students with disability have access to any equipment or support they may need in order to fully participate in the training
  • Regular contact with each student to discuss progress and provide assistance as required.
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